When you think of the words 'networking' and 'marketing', what comes to mind?

Do you think businessmen in suits, handing their cards out, trying to make the sale?  

Or do you think about connecting with people on a deeper level, making friends and having fun conversations?  

After talking with a client who was having major resistance to 'networking', she had a breakthrough.  To her, networking was slimy and full of ulterior motives.  She said it felt really out of alignment and uncomfortable, and so she was struggling with reaching out to people and talking about her business.  

So I asked her, "What if we called it something else?  What word could you use instead of 'networking' that would feel better to you?"

She said, "Building friendships."


Networking=building friendships!!

This is EXACTLY what I teach, preach, and implement in my own business!!  

We are building relationships and friendships with the people we come into contact with.  The women I work with ALL want to connect with their clients on a deeper level.  ALL of them!!

It's how we're going to have the most impact in this world!!

We have a different energy about us when we approach things as a salesperson vs. as a friend who can help.  Don't you think? 

If you're having resistance around networking and marketing, try to reframe the situation.  

What else can you can you call it that feels good to YOU?

If you're struggling with the marketing piece of your business, where is that resistance coming from?  What beliefs do you have that are contributing to your resistance?  What stories have you made up about networking/marketing?

How can you create a breakthrough for yourself around these words?