"Each of us looks for fulfillment and authentic happiness in our own way.  

Sometimes the yearning for fulfillment becomes a call so loud and so intense at midlife that we cannot help but step off the path we are on and devote ourselves to the search for fulfillment.

As many midlife questers discover, fulfillment often means returning to deep sources of satisfaction that we may have had glimpses of many years ago.  At that earlier time, we may have lacked the courage to follow the call, or we may have allowed life's stresses and serious pursuits to cover up the glimmer of what we knew to be true.  

This pattern takes place in the lives of so many because each of us has a life purpose that has been with us since we were very young.  

At moments when we experience a profound sense of being in the flow--being in the right place, at the right time, using our gifts--we are likely to be living out our life purpose.  

Life purpose calls us forth.  It may be a calling we answer, something larger than our small selves, that deeply connects us with others, with what is larger than ourselves."  ~Lessons from the Institute for Life Coach Training, 2015

Our purpose serves us in so many ways.  It is our compelling reason for living, the reason why we get out of bed everyday. It gives us meaning and the drive to do more, be more, help more, serve more. And it would be a shame if we spent our entire lives going to work everyday to a job we hated, to pay for things we don't really need, only to take 2 weeks off a year to go explore the world.  

What would it be like if you finally started living your purpose?   

How would you show up differently in life?  What would be possible? How would you FEEL??   

5 Steps to Discover Your Purpose  

1. List a dozen or more examples of times in your life when you knew you were on purpose.  That is, you had the intuitive sense of being aligned with the exact reasons why you are in the world.  I have had many instances where I felt in the flow.  When I did stand-up comedy and had really great show, the feeling I had that would come over me: pure bliss and knowing that I was meant to entertain and make people laugh.  When I hear stories from my clients about how they used the skills they've learned in coaching to set boundaries and feel more empowered, that's when I know I'm finally on the right path.  My clients don't know it, but I spend a good amount of time wiping tears away during calls.  I am so proud and so honored that I am able to witness and facilitate their breakthroughs.

2. Write briefly about each of these examples.  For each of the experiences listed, write a few sentences about the experience. Include what you did, where you were, what the outcome was, and how you felt.  Also include: What was essential to my sense of being on purpose?  What about this experience was richly satisfying?  What was of value for me?  

3. Highlight key words and phrases, then copy them onto a separate sheet of paper.  Examine any common phrases or themes.  

4. Draft a brief statement of your life purpose in two to four sentences using the key words and phrases of your life.  A few examples to get you started: My purpose is to support and partner personally and professionally with leaders to create organizations where the human spirit thrives.  My purpose is to work generously and to live in service; to manifest love through connecting and caring for self and others; and to support the development of inner wisdom and inner peace in myself, colleagues, clients and community.  

5. Test your purpose.  A good purpose statement will feel authentic, genuine, and pull you to it.  Close your eyes. Say your purpose out loud. Does it make you smile? Does your stomach do flips?   You're on the right path!! 

"When you identify your unique life purpose you have taken a powerful step toward manifesting it and creating a fulfilling life for yourself."  ~Lessons from the Institute for Life Coach Training, 2015