I mean…what else do you need to know?

Coaching is about helping people get out of their own way…aka helping people pull their head out of their ass.

Let’s dislodge your head together so you can get your message and magic out into the world and change some lives!


Shannon is the Queen of Storytelling Marketing!

During our weekly coaching calls, she broke down what felt like a HUGE project into a step-by-step process. She taught me it’s not the marketing jargon, tricks, or formulas that matter - it’s the people who want to know who I am and WHY I do what I do.

During our time together, I launched my website, created 3 opt-ins and an online course, and every word of copy I (proudly) wrote myself!

But the even bigger transformation since working with Shannon is my new found confidence to speak my truth and come out from behind the keyboard! The fear around getting more visible online: GONE! ~Laura Ellen, Women's Food Coach, Laura Ellen Coaching


Before I started working with Shannon, I was new to business and had no idea what in the hell I was doing. From our very first call I felt relaxed and like I was talking to an old friend.

What I realized during our time together was that I have power, my story has meaning and I CAN live the life I want. During our 1:1 work together and in her group mentoring program, The B Side, I gained a lot of wonderful new friends and discovered an entirely new community of heart-centered women.

I went from zero to four clients, helped clients negotiate significant salary increases and led a number of webinars and online trainings, as well as stepped up my Facebook Lives and social media presence.”~Nicole Amos, Career Coach for Moms, The Career Oasis

“Working with Shannon has completely changed my mindset as a new entrepreneur.  When you're new to the game, it's so easy to get stuck in overwhelm.  

Shannon is great at making this new adventure digestible, and supporting you every step of the way.  

She has helped me to see myself as a number one client, and I am 100% showing up as a better coach and better version of myself through our work together.” ~Laura Weldy, Life + Leadership Coach, The Well Supported Woman


“When I first started working with Shannon, I didn't know where to start marketing-wise, what the hell a sales funnel was or how to talk about myself in a way that felt good. I was immediately drawn to Shannon because I could tell she really knew her shit, she was in recovery, living out her dream in Italy and her liberal use of F bombs. When we started working together I had ZERO clients and was feeling overwhelmed by all the things.

By the time we had completed our program, I had three one-on-one clients, 25 open group participants and 30 people in my workshop! Shannon gave me everything I needed to know in this biz, whether it was engagement, program design, marketing lingo or what the hell to do on Facebook.” ~Liana Kennedy, Recovery Coach, Kennedy Recovery Coaching


"By working with Shannon, I learned that as much as there are great formulas and ideas for how to run your business, it's YOUR business and by tapping into what works best for your life, you will build a business that you love and that supports you financially as well.  Shannon helps you set up a healthy "infrastructure" for your business and then moves on to help you unlock the magic that makes your business truly yours so that you can attract AND handle more clients." ~Andrea Archambault, Integrative Nutrition Coach + Public Speaker, Andrea Archambault Coaching


“I came to Shannon because I thought I needed help with starting my coaching business, launching a program, and making money. What I realized was that I was struggling with so much more – like doing my own inner-work, running from past life experiences, and letting life happen to me.

During our 9 months of working together, I was not only able to do the business stuff but I also walked away with were so many breakthroughs, expansion, alignment, and a community. The number of incredible women I’ve been able to meet through this experience and connect with has truly changed my life. Shannon's realness, vulnerability and her ability to share her experiences and speak to me like she knew me is what truly sets her apart from the rest.” Toni Geurts, Tarot|Reiki|Life Purpose Coach 


“I'm so grateful that I had the opportunity to work with Shannon.  Talking out loud with her about my internal conflicts around monetizing my business was so helpful.  I was experiencing feelings of guilt around charging for my healing products and services, and Shannon helped me see that I have a gift that others find so valuable, and will even pay money for!  

Shannon gently challenged my beliefs about how I can share my passion and knowledge with the world and make a living while doing so!  The clarity I received from our work together was exactly what I was needing in my life.  

I felt so honored and heard after our time together as well as energized to start taking action to move forward in my life!” ~Karla Gjini, Subversive Self-Care Advocate


“Shannon knows her shit, and she delivers the information in a way that makes you feel like you can actually succeed at building your business. The term, “sales funnel” used to make my eyes cross, now I understand what it is and more importantly, how to utilize it. 5 days is all it took for her to help me see how close I am to having a successful coaching business. I’m not the person who loves the business side of business. I’m the touchy feely, let me help you love yourself and find your bliss, person. Now I feel like I can be both, which makes me feel like a powerful, badass boss.” ~Ronni Morgan, Web Designer|Coach|Author, Design by Ronni


“Before meeting with Shannon I was confused about how to market my business and didn't know how to "add value."

Since working with Shannon I've been published 3 different times, left my 9-5 to launch my dream coaching + therapy practice, and learned how to share my story in ways that felt authentic and valuable. I've grown my email list, Instagram followers and Facebook tribe.” ~Tarah Galloway, EMDR Therapist + Life Coach, Tarah Galloway Counseling + Coaching


“Coaching by the example she lives, Shannon encouraged me to give myself permission to speak from my heart's voice, a voice that felt trapped in a box wrapped with fear and self doubt. She has inspired me to own my most authentic self, a place where science and woo woo collide, in order to find freedom and reconnect to my deepest creative expression.” ~Kate Ure, Wellness Educator + Coach, Kure Living


“I’m grateful to say that I have been impacted by not only Shannon’s coaching but also by her story. Shannon immediately drew me in by how completely honest she was with herself. This is one of the many things I admire most about her. Shannon constantly shows up as herself and this, in turn, inspires me to show up as myself. 

As a coach, I wanted to continue to show up for my clients and that meant getting real with who I was. So I got real with my past and with my own path. Shannon conveys her true self through her down-to-earth storytelling. As she continues to tell her story, she continues to inspire me and her clients to share our stories as well.” ~Danielle Waldman, Life Coach, Danielle Waldman Coaching


“Watching Shannon share her story so authentically has inspired me to do the same - to stop hiding, to quit worrying what other people think, and to embrace the completely unique services I have to offer the world. Her coaching is both empathetic and actionable - I always have increased confidence, clarity and a concrete plan after a call with her!” ~Tess Rafferty, Compassion Coach, Vegan Lifestyle Educator, Tess Rafferty Coaching


“Within weeks of joining The Traveling Wild Woman Coaching Community, my life started to change. I felt empowered and I felt brave. For me, the natural progression or next step was to work with Shannon one-on-one. I mean, if just following her could create such a shift, what magic could happen if I worked directly with her? 

The first time we spoke it was just as she says, I felt 'like I was talking to an old friend'. It's only been a few weeks but already I feel even more empowered and even braver. My relationship with my husband is improving every day when once we were growing further and further apart by the day. My business is changing. It's growing and my vision is sharpening and I am bursting with purpose and passion and possibilities.” ~Brianne Dier, Life Coach

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“Since working with Shannon I’ve gotten more comfortable with not having all the answers and have become more confident in my marketing and my abilities as a coach. She helped me to realise that I don’t have to do things the way that everyone else in the industry does them and that I can create a business model that works for me and the women I serve! She forced me to expand my thinking around what I share and how I show up. She inspires me to be more raw, and open and allows me to evolve my coaching practice into what I truly want it to be!” ~Elena Lipson, Mosaic Growth