Hello, Wild Woman!  

I'm Shannon Whaley and I am a Storytelling + Marketing Coach, as well as a speaker, writer and Truth Teller.

I an International Coach Federation Professional Coach Certification holder and adhere to and maintain ICF standards and requirements.

My mission is to help women get their voices and messages out into the world by showing them how to use their personal stories and experiences to grow and market their online businesses.

We all have a story in us and that story is what will connect others to us on a heart-level.  Our stories are what set us apart and they help clients come to us rather than spending endless hours hunting them down.  

Sounds amazing, right?

I help women reclaim their voice so they can identify what stories they are ready to share with the world and then help them start showing up on social media in a way that feels really empowering and exciting. 

You have gifts that need to be shared with the world!!  You were not put on this Earth to be mediocre, or to merely survive.  

You were put here to fucking THRIVE!!