Have you ever said...

"I want to learn how to unpack and understand my story so I can share it with my audience in a way that provides value and helps them feel less alone in this world."

"I know my story will change lives but there’s so much to do…social media, newsletters, showing up online…I need someone to walk me through it all.”

“I’m ready to tell it like it is, but I’m scared. I don’t know what stories I should be telling or how to tell them so my people know I’m the coach for them.”

"I'm tired of feeling like I have a 'Storytelling To Do List." I am ready to fully embody my experiences so I am a living, breathing story...not just another thing I 'have to do' to build my business."

Imagine what your life and business would look like if you:

  • Had clarity around who you are as a coach and business owner so you knew without a shadow of a doubt what sets you apart and how you help your clients transform their lives.  

  • Reclaimed your voice and stood in your truth as you started talking about the issues that matter most to you, starting standing up for what you believed in the meantime blowing up the online space.

  • Identified the money and confidence beliefs that are keeping you from raising your prices, charging what your services are worth and earning the income you desire. 

  • Had the ability to pick out nuggets of wisdom from your daily life and transformed them into bomb ass social media posts, articles and content that your soulmate clients devoured. 

  • Dove deeper into your own personal development and healing so you can share your wisdom and message with the people who need it the most.

  • Learned how to Give Less Fucks so you can get your Message and Magic out into the world, changing the lives of your community and the world at large.  


This experience is for you if:

  • You've been sharing your story online, but you're having a hard time breaking through the 'vulnerability bubble'. 

  • You want to create super juicy content that your community eats up so by the time they get on the phone with you it's like they're talking with an old friend.   

  • You have a social media presence but you're wanting to step up your game + build a brand that is unforgettable and represents you and your values.

  • You are done fucking around and playing small and ready to start speaking up about the issues and things that matter to you most.

  • You’re done giving a shit about being polarizing and losing followers and ready to speak your mind!


Radical Courage includes...


  • 50-minute coaching calls, mixed with training, mentoring and consulting for support and accountability.

  • Hands-on support to help you follow your own true path, stand up for what you believe in so you can start your own personal Revolution.

  • Customized assignments to complete in between sessions.

  • All of our calls are recorded so you can go back and listen for more clarity and inspiration.

  • Membership to Inner Glow Circle’s Mastermind, a community for women (and those who feel more empowered in female spaces) who desire live group coaching calls, monthly trainings and an active members-only online community!

One-on-One Coaching starts at $600/mo.

All of my work is in partnership with Inner Glow Circle and you will be redirected to their website to book a call and for checkout.

What people are saying...


"By working with Shannon, I learned that as much as there are great formulas and ideas for how to run your business, it's YOUR business and by tapping into what works best for your life, you will build a business that you love and that supports you financially as well.  Shannon helps you set up a healthy "infrastructure" for your business and then moves on to help you unlock the magic that makes your business truly yours so that you can attract AND handle more clients." Andrea Archambault, Integrative Nutrition Coach + Public Speaker, Andrea Archambault Coaching


"Before I started working with Shannon, I was new to business and had no idea what in the hell I was doing. From our very first call I felt relaxed and like I was talking to an old friend. What I realized during our time together was that I have power, my story has meaning and I CAN live the life I want. During our 1:1 work together and in her group mentoring program, The B Side, I gained a lot of wonderful new friends and discovered an entirely new community of heart-centered women. I went from zero to four clients, helped clients negotiate significant salary increases and led a number of webinars and online trainings, as well as stepped up my Facebook Lives and social media presence." Nicole Amos, Career Coach for Moms, The Career Oasis


"Shannon knows her shit, and she delivers the information in a way that makes you feel like you can actually succeed at building your business. The term, “sales funnel” used to make my eyes cross, now I understand what it is and more importantly, how to utilize it. 5 days is all it took for her to help me see how close I am to having a successful coaching business. I’m not the person who loves the business side of business. I’m the touchy feely, let me help you love yourself and find your bliss, person. Now I feel like I can be both, which makes me feel like a powerful, badass boss." Ronni Morgan, Web Designer|Coach|Author, Design by Ronni


"I came to Shannon because I thought I needed help with starting my coaching business, launching a program, and making money. What I realized was that I was struggling with so much more – like doing my own inner-work, running from past life experiences, and letting life happen to me. During our 9 months of working together, I was not only able to do the business stuff but I also walked away with were so many breakthroughs, expansion, alignment, and a community. The number of incredible women I’ve been able to meet through this experience and connect with has truly changed my life.

Shannon's realness, vulnerability and her ability to share her experiences and speak to me like she knew me is what truly sets her apart from the rest." Toni Geurts, Tarot|Reiki|Life Purpose Coach 


"Before meeting with Shannon I was confused about how to market my business and didn't know how to "add value."

Since working with Shannon I've been published 3 different times, left my 9-5 to launch my dream coaching + therapy practice, and learned how to share my story in ways that felt authentic and valuable. I've grown my email list, Instagram followers and Facebook tribe." Tarah Galloway, EMDR Therapist + Life Coach, Tarah Galloway Counseling + Coaching


"Coaching by the example she lives, Shannon encouraged me to give myself permission to speak from my heart's voice, a voice that felt trapped in a box wrapped with fear and self doubt. She has inspired me to own my most authentic self, a place where science and woo woo collide, in order to find freedom and reconnect to my deepest creative expression." Kate Ure, Women's Health + Life Coach, Kure Living


"Watching Shannon share her story so authentically has inspired me to do the same - to stop hiding, to quit worrying what other people think, and to embrace the completely unique services I have to offer the world. Her coaching is both empathetic and actionable - I always have increased confidence, clarity and a concrete plan after a call with her!" Tess Rafferty, Compassion Coach, Vegan Lifestyle Educator, Tess Rafferty Coaching


"Shannon is the Queen of Storytelling Marketing!

During our weekly coaching calls, she broke down what felt like a HUGE project into a step-by-step process. She taught me it’s not the marketing jargon, tricks, or formulas that matter - it’s the people who want to know who I am and WHY I do what I do.

During our time together, I launched my website, created 3 opt-ins and an online course, and every word of copy I (proudly) wrote myself!

But the even bigger transformation since working with Shannon is my new found confidence to speak my truth and come out from behind the keyboard! The fear around getting more visible online: GONE!" ~Laura Ellen, Women's Food Coach, Laura Ellen Coaching

All of my work is in partnership with Inner Glow Circle and you will be redirected to their website to book a call and for checkout.