I can't wait to meet you In Real Life!!


Visiting Italy and want to turn it into a business trip? Let's meet up for a VIP Day!


My VIP days are tailor-made for your specific needs. Possible topics we can cover:

  • Identify the stories that your audience will eat up and get you hired. 

  • How to Give Less Fucks about what people think of you so you can show up, share your story and change lives.

  • Crafting your Core Message so you know who you are, and what you stand for, making it crystal clear to your people that you're the coach for them. 

  • Design and price your Signature Program so you absolutely love it and can sell the shit out of it.

  • Develop a social media strategy so you can show up confidently and consistently with a clear and concise message. 

  • How to create and build your online community to quickly boost your Know/Like/Trust factor, making sales fun and EASY.

  • Iron out the kinks in your Discovery Call process so you can close more sales and make the money you desire.

  • Get crystal.fucking.clear on your messaging and what you do so you can position yourself as a leader in your industry.

What the VIP Days include:

  • A one-hour connection call before our in-person session, to get crystal clear on what it is you need to kick your business and visibility into gear

  • A comprehensive Welcome Packet to help you clarify your business and personal goals, so we can maximize our time together

  • Five hours of us busting our asses working on YOUR biz as we laugh and have FUN!

  • Lunch, coffee, and snacks in a beautiful hotel setting

  • A 30-minute follow up call to check in and discuss your progress

  • Lots of laughing, ridiculousness and most of all FUN!


When you sign up for a VIP Day, I will also include my new digital program,Wild Woman: Business Unleashed (Value: $800)!!!

This value-packed program covers all of the things you need to build a super solid, aligned and visible business. You'll also receive access to the Wild Woman: Business Unleashed Facebook community, where you can hang out with other Wild Women as you build your business!


The investment for a VIP day is $997. 


What you'll walk away with:

  • Clarity around your vision and goals so you know where you're going and how you're going to get there. 

  • A social media strategy that will increase your visibility, brand recognition and bring in clients. 

  • Discover the stories that want to be told so you can draw your community in and convert them to clients. 

  • Mindset shifts around asking for what your services are worth so you can get paid, quit your 9-5 and focus on the work you love. 

  • The important pieces broken down for you into little steps so you can focus on the things that will bring in the cash.

  • Clarity and confidence around your services, how they're packaged and how you're showing up in the world.


It's basically 2 months of one-on-one coaching (Value: $1500), rolled into one super focused and fun day, with my business + marketing digital program thrown in to help you even MORE.

I wanted to make this a no-brainer for you. 

I can't wait to meet you!!! In-person events and retreats are one of my favorite things to do, and they catapult your confidence and skills literally overnight. 


Want to set up a consultation to see if this is a good fit?