About Shannon

I am a Certified Anti-Hustle Business Coach for coaches and service providers who want to build inclusive and profitable businesses without the hustle or the burnout.

My mission is to help people turn the volume all the way the fuck up so they can show up and claim what's theirs.

I help my clients decondition from the bro-marketing and hustle mentality that is keeping them overworked, underpaid, and on their way to burnout.

Sounds amazing, right?

We live in a society that values hyper-productivity and over-working, and the work I do with my clients is changing this narrative, one relaxed and turned on entrepreneur at a time. 
it is possible to build a 6 and multiple 6 figure business in total pleasure and ease, and I'm here to lead the way.

I am a Professional Certified Coach as well as a Certified Mentor Coach and have completed with thousands of hours of coaching and mentor coaching under my belt. I am a member of the International Coaching Federation and abide by the ethics and standards of the ICF. 


I'm ShannonWhaley