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Are you done struggling with the business side of things? Ready to ditch the hustle and have a simple and repeatable process that allows you to get hired and bring in consistent income? Join Biz School and I will teach you the foundational business skills needed to run a profitable business without burning out.

for coaches + service providers

or service provider

If  you're a coach   

and you’ve looked around, chances are you’ve been getting all kinds of messages about all of the things you ‘need’ RIGHT NOW in order to have a successful and profitable business. 


A website and opt-in 
A welcome sequence and funnel 
Fancy branding, the perfect fonts + colors 
Be everywhere on all of the social platforms
Multiple offers so you can make your work more accessible to everyone 
Evergreen products and programs 
Branded graphics 
A Private Facebook group 
Weekly newsletters 

to this advice + trying to execute all of this on your own you're feeling...

and chances are if you're listening 

overwhelmed, confused + are on the road to burnout!

Imagine building a business

full-ass messy and glorious human self. 

lead magnets
conversion rates
having to show up perfectly polished

Where you don't obsess about

and you get to be your

the people who sign up for the

A sold-out signature 1:1 coaching program with a waitlist
A group coaching program that allows them to leverage their time while supporting more of their community
Make enough money to quit their job
Generating enough income to bring on team members
Feeling more grounded and at ease in their business
Multiple sold-out offers including 1:1 and a group coaching  program
Increase their rates and be able to confidently show up on sales calls
Design EPIC VIP days that creates massive results for their clients
Learn how to take time off so that they can experience the time/location freedom  they've been journaling about

Here are some of the things


Biz School


are these also your desires?


I get it, I’ve been there…

☠️ working 60+ hour workweeks, running someone else’s million-dollar biz

☠️ burnt the fuck out, uninspired, and unable to access my creative flow, which meant business felt hard AF

☠️ stressing about numbers and conversion rates and spreadsheets, trying to be on all of the socials all of the time

☠️ my time and effort invested into somebody else's million-dollar biz was not reflected back to me in my own bank account 

When I left that company in February 2020 and relaunched my coaching business, I knew I needed to do things differently. I had been coaching for 5 years and I had tried the whole bro marketing BS (funnels, newsletters, content calendars, and all the courses, programs, and opt-ins)…

I decided to put some sass into my life by taking play seriously and making it the cornerstone of how I work. Working less, playing more? Yeah...I'm down with that! Every day became a lesson in leading with pleasure and choosing experiences full of joy over anything else. It was about time for me to take back control—it's all fun from here on out!

In January 2020 I was:

Three years later...

🔥 My company has brought in over $607k cash which allows me to donate money every month to organizations I believe in, offer scholarships and extended payment plans for multiple programs, and bonuses to team members for a job well done

🔥 With a full schedule of coaching clients 3 days per week, I prioritize rest and reflection during my monthly Integration Week. From the beautiful beaches in Turks + Caicos to the historic streets of Italy - there's no shortage of amazing places I get to explore while taking time for me!

🔥 By working smarter, not harder - I've been able to drastically increase the value and impact my clients experience!

🔥 My cutting-edge anti-hustle business is powered by a talented and diverse international team of two remarkable women who help me reign in multi six figures.

🔥 I empower entrepreneurs from around the globe to break free of their 9-5 routine and enjoy life while making money. My mission is to help them unleash their inner badasses, amplify their voices online, and be unapologetically audacious in pursuit of success!

Building Someone Else’s Biz, Roller Coaster Income + Stressed TF Out

Running MY Multiple 6-Figure Biz While Taking 12+ Weeks off a Year



Building Someone Else’s Biz,
Roller Coaster Income + Stressed TF Out


Building My Multiple 6-Figure Biz While Taking 12+ Weeks off a Year



Create Your High Impact Signature Program

Ready to attract and work with the clients of your dreams? Stop leaving things up to chance and unlock YOUR unique process for walking them from Point A all the way over to mysterious, magical Point B. Get ready - because this program will guide you every step of the way in putting together a transformation-filled offer that'll have those perfect clients swooning!

What's covered:

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module two:


Mindset + Embodiment

Ready to reach a new level of success and serve your community in the most powerful way possible? Let's get you there! Uncover the hidden beliefs that are holding you back, then take control by mastering embodiment exercises–all designed to help calm and regulate the body while propelling yourself forward. Sure it takes work, but I'm here to show you how to reach your wildest dreams with ease.

module three:


Pricing + Sales 

Learn how to craft an irresistible offer for community, create a Fast Action Bonus that'll get 'em hooked and provide incentives + early-bird discounts so they can't resist. Plus, build those confidence muscles by showing up strong on sales calls; nothing beats bold sass when it comes to making money!

module four:


Pleasure, Play, + Rest

Ready to explore a side of success you haven't seen before? It's time to inject some pleasure into your work life and make every day feel like playtime! Forget the dreaded burnout that comes with too much hustle – learn how prioritizing fun can actually lead to more income. Now’s the perfect moment for discovering what it means to be an entrepreneur who leads, not just works hard.

module five:


Marketing + Storytelling

Unlock the key to marketing your business in an authentic and energizing way - tell YOUR story! Imagine those sales calls as reunions with old friends. Let's get you on the path of staying consistent, connected, and excited about what you do every day!

module six:


Launching Your Program

Unlock the secret to mastering program launches! Follow this strategic framework and make each launch easier than the last with little effort. Stop playing guessing games when it comes to your business - get results-driven techniques tailor made for you instead!

module seven:


Vision + Values

This first module will show you how to break away from the hustle and design an anti-hustle business with your own values as guiding principles. Here's where it gets real creative - envision what YOUR definition of success looks like and create a badass blueprint for achieving those goals!

module ONe:

module two:

Create Your High Impact Signature Program

Discover your unique process from taking clients from Point A to Point B so that you can confidently talk about the benefits of the program and the transformation you provide and attract dreamy AF clients. You’re going to get the most out of this program if you have an idea about what you want to offer, you just need help putting it all together and launching it. 

What's Covered:

module two:

Mindset + Embodiment

Learn how to shift the beliefs that aren’t serving you and that are holding you back from showing up and deeply serving your community. Practice embodiment exercises that you can use to calm and regulate your nervous system as you take your business to the next level

module three:

Pricing + Sales 

Explore your pricing structure, learn how to intuitively price your programs and courses, create a Fast Action Bonus, incentives, and early-bird discounts for your programs. Get comfortable talking about the investment and learn how to show up powerfully on your sales calls

module four:

Pleasure, Play, + Rest

Discover what it means to lead with pleasure + play so that you can build a business that actually feels good and doesn’t lead to burnout. Learn how to schedule your work around your play so you can take time OFF to enjoy the money you’ll be making!

module five:

Marketing + Storytelling

Learn how to use your personal story to talk about the work you do in the world so that sales calls feel like you’re just catching up with an old friend. Find a way to market your business in a way that works for you AND allows you to stay consistent and energetically aligned

module six:

Launching Your Program

Learn how to properly launch your program with this simple framework that you can use on all of your launches moving forward. This is about figuring out what works for YOU and then wash, rinse, repeat

module seven:


Vision + Values

This first module will show you how to break away from the hustle and design an anti-hustle business with your own values as guiding principles. Here's where it gets real creative - envision what YOUR definition of success looks like and create a badass blueprint for achieving those goals!

module one:

Anti-Hustle Business School is THE place to be if you're ready for something fresh - an enjoyable approach where pleasure and play are top priorities. 

AND taught these skills to countless clients – all who say goodbye forever to bro marketing + corporate culture BS. It’s time: shift your focus from pain & struggle into prioritizing fun & success today!

I've cracked this code with my own multiple 6-figure biz

I've cracked this code with my own multiple 6- figure biz

Step aside hustle-cats, 'cause there's a new way of doing business!

the details

3 calls Monthly for 4 Months

7 Workbooks and Training Videos

that are specifically designed to help you unlock the power of success. Each is broken down into simple, actionable steps that will get results fast and take your biz up a notch.

Access to a Private Facebook Group

Get ready for some serious success! Join our exclusive Facebook fam and be part of a supportive, ambitious squad that won’t let you slow down. You’ll have the chance to brag about your accomplishments, share breakthroughs and get all your questions answered in between calls - no excuses here!

Lifetime Access to the Program

Get LIFETIME access to the biz basics and never stop leveling up your game. Go through the modules and training videos anytime you want! All alum of Anti-Hustle Business School and Business Unleashed  can join future Biz School classes for just $497!

to get the accountability and support you need for mindset shifts and business strategies that will propel your success. Get ready to reach those dreams of yours like never before! Calls are recorded in case you miss one!

The Bonuses

A recorded Training with vp wright about what it means to have an anti-racist and inclusive business and how to incorporate more inclusive marketing into your business

Inclusive Business Strategies

Money Management + Profit First

with Rebecca Samuels, CPA, Pythagus, LLC to talk about how to start paying yourself first, what you can and can't write off for taxes, and bookkeeping 101

Money Management + Profit First

Business Incorporation 101 

pre-recorded training with Nellie Akalp, CorpNet

Just getting started and not sure if you should start a sole prop or an LLC? Then this training is perfect for you!

New Coach Biz Bundle 

How to Get a Coaching Request

Sample Welcome Packet

Client Onboarding Sequence

15 Ways to Get Hired Now


(she / her)

(she / her)

This IS for you if...

You're a coach, consultant or service-based entrepreneur who wants to go big but not get dragged down by the hustle and stress of modern day business life. Stop struggling with one off services and package up your talents into something amazing today.

You're bold, brave, and looking for a powerful, inclusive space that honors anti-racist values.

You have gone through coach training or have already been coaching in some capacity and know that the world needs your work. This program is ready to take YOU and your amazing business skills to the NEXT LEVEL!

You're ready to stop guessing and start crushing your biz goals. Get the ultimate map for success - no more wasting time on trial & error. It's time to make money, create an impact, and watch those wildest dreams transform into reality!


I'm in

fuck Yes

Let's do this

pay in full

6 payments of:

12 payments of:




*In order to share the profits from my unearned privilege, each month a percentage of my income is invested into organizations that are focused on the liberation of Black and brown people.*

Calls are Tuesdays at 1pm EST 3x/mo.

This is a 6 month commitment.


There are ONLY 7 modules? The other rounds of Business SCHOOL had twice that many. What’s up?

Yep!! One thing I realized was that the other rounds of Anti-Hustle Business School (formerly Business Unleashed) were way too complicated for where my clients were. I fell victim to that bro marketing shit for 5 years before I discovered a much simpler way of doing business, so I gutted the old program, left the parts that were necessary, and re-vamped the whole course. I’m here to help you simplify things and streamline your business structure so that you can create a solid foundation in your business that will allow you to move forward once you solidify your knowledge of these simple concepts.

The evergreen model is new. Explain to me how this works.

I'm so excited to be offering this program year round now! You can enroll anytime of the year instead of waiting for me to launch a social media marketing program every two years! How this works: you will enroll for your first round, which is a 6 month commitment. You will have access to the course content, the Facebook group, and the LIVE group calls for 6 months. If you decide to complete at the end of the 6 months, you will keep access to the portal but you will lose access to the Facebook group as well as to the group calls. You have the option to move into a membership model after you've completed your first 6 months, in 3 or 6 month increments. We will contact you when your contract is ending to see if you're ready to complete or if you'd like to continue into the membership model.

When are the calls? And what Happens on them? 

The LIVE Q&A calls are the first 3 Wednesdays of the month at 10 am PT / 1 pm ET / 7 pm CEST. They will be recorded and put into the portal within 24 hours if you're unable to attend live. 

The way to get the most out of this program is to commit to showing up to every call with a coaching request or question. Because of the potential size of the group you may not be able to ask your question live, so we can workshop it in the Facebook group. Come with a question about the content in the modules, projects that you're working on, feedback about a sales page, mindset support, etc. 

How is the content delivered? What happens on the calls? 

This is a business and marketing training school, so I will be teaching you the content mentioned above in the ‘What’s Covered’ section. Every other week a new training video and workbook will be released in the portal for you to watch and go through accordingly. Every week there will be a live 90-minute Q & A where you will come with questions and coaching/mentoring requests based on the content released or anything else that’s coming up for you. Because you’ll all be in different places in your business, I won’t limit you on what you can ask on each call. Come as you are and get support no matter where you are in business!

The Q&A calls are where you can get your questions answered about sales, marketing, back end business stuff, some light tech support, help with sales calls, messaging, etc. Anything business, marketing, mindset, strategy, embodiment related. I will provide training support as requested but these calls are typically for coaching support only, no additional training.

What’s your refund policy? 

Sorry, no refunds! My team and I put in a considerable amount of work to get ready for the program and to welcome you through the onboarding process. You’ll also have immediate access to bonuses and, depending on when you sign up, access to additional bonus calls, so no refunds! Click here to read the Terms and Conditions of the program. Please read through the Terms and Conditions so that you understand what you're agreeing to and what the process is if, for whatever reason, you're not happy, want to leave the program, or something else comes up for you.

Is this program just for women and femmes? 

It is not! This is an inclusive community and open to all genders and identities because everybody should have an anti-hustle business model and I want to show them how!